Will I ever get 3G/4G? Or should I just give my hopes up now?

I bought a Droid Charge in May with my mother.


She lives in the suburbs of LI, I am living in Midtown Manhattan.


Neither of us have ever gotten 3G or 4G service that lasts more than 10 mins. It is the reason that the devices an ability to pick up any signal at all (though unusable, unpredictable and incredibly slow) that Verizon just pushes us away and basically tells us the phone "should work". We are now both left in the dark, tired of long and pointless phonecalls to Verizon, and stuck paying a ridiculous bill for a phone that 96% of the time has no usable 3G or 4G (along with that fact that even when we do use Wifi, MMS never works...). Verizon has yet to help us with any of these problems. 


So....am I just a sucker for purchasing this phone at all? This just feels like theft.

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Re: Will I ever get 3G/4G? Or should I just give my hopes up now?
Verizon Employee

I'm sorry to hear of you data connectivity issues and I'm here to help. I've check and do not show any reported data issues in your home area. 


I have thoroughly researched this and found that this data connectivity has been reported by other Samsung Charge users and will be address in a SW update coming soon. I do not have a date when the update will become available but once available it will be pushed out to all devices in stages.


In the mean time have you tried performing a hard reset? I found a lot of user have found this helpful with the data connectivity. Please attempt the hard reset and post back if you continue to experience this issue and I will be more than happy to further assist you.

Re: Will I ever get 3G/4G? Or should I just give my hopes up now?

I hear what you are saying. My wife and I both bought the Thunderbolt the day it came out when everyone was saying that our area (Rochester, MN) was getting 4 G this summer, Christmas at the latest.


here it is almost Christmas, and no rumblings of 4g coming to our area...I won't even bother asking Verizon as they are NEVER helpful in their answers....I won't even bother.


Again...to echo you..feels like a ripoff....spend that much money on a phone, lock in for 2 years, and will be lucky to get 1 year of 4g service.



Thanks Verizon...for NOTHING