Worsening Service
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Over the last few months overall service and coverage has been declining.  Across multiple ZIP codes, including 92325, 92373, and 91730.  There have been days in which my wife and I would get absolute no reception, while outside and in a major metropolitan area. Even just yesterday, our phones would show 2 bars of LTE reception (which is normal in 92325) but still would not actually work. Couldn’t even send an SMS. 

My questions are:

 Is Verizon slowly reducing coverage to accommodate 5G, or,

is verizon purposely reducing coverage to save cost?

or is there a more major systemic issue Verizon has yet to come public with?


There is no chance that this is just an issue with my account or devices. I have heard from others also on Verizon postpay plans that are experiencing these issues with multiple devices.

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I know the importance of bringing back the reliable service you are used to. I apologize for the experience. I want to help get to the bottom of this to improve. Does the performance change at different times of the day? What plan are you on at this time?  -Yale