Worst experience ever

This is the worst experience we have ever had with any company. The first thing that happened to us was when we first got our HomeFusion 4g LTE service. Our representative told us that our installation date was Dec. 20th. We got home and realized the installation date was Dec. 26th on our contract. We called the store and our representative picked up. She said she would take care of it if it was not at our home by the 20th. On the 20th, the installer did not arrive. We went to the store and our representative was not there. We spent two hours trying to get an earlier installation date, and we were still stuck on the 26th. On the 26th we received a call telling us that our installation date was moved to Jan. 2nd, WHAT? We called them and they couldn't do anything. We asked the manager to call us back when he was done. he never called us back, and as a matter of fact, NO ONE did. On the 30th, we called Verizon to make sure it was still the 2nd. They had moved it to the 3rd, delaying our service yet another time. After spending another few hours on the phone, we got the installation date moved back to the second. However, at this point, we were quite frustrated with the quality of customer service Verizon  was providing us. After looking around for a better option, we found a better deal with another company which provided us with quality customer care. In fact, our service was installed within 3 business day. Verizon couldn't possibly be causing us trouble now, right? Wrong. We called the store and tried to cancel the service we had ordered with Verizon a few minutes after finding another service. We called the store to find out how to cancel the uninstalled service. They told us to call customer service, and their phone didn't work. After SEVEN calls, we managed to get someone. They told us to call the store. After a total of FOURTEEN calls, we finally canceled our service. Today, we got a call saying it will be installed tomorrow. I will keep this thread updated as we find out what we will do.

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