Would an LTE-only phone work well on VZW?
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I have been waiting for a good non-Samsung, Android phone with a memory slot, and with the demise of Sony phones one your network, I think I will try the HTC A9, but there is no confirmation if it will indeed work on Verizon as HTC claims. What I am wondering is what would happen when I am out of LTE coverage, as that seems to happen frequently indoors. No calls? No emergency calls?

If the user experience is terrible, I might leave to another carrier, as I was already waiting a long time for the Z4v, and all the others I like have no memory expansion, which is the main reason I want to ditch the iPhone (A 64GB sdxc is $20!!). Thanks!

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The issue is the same every where not just one customer or one device Verizon wireless used cdma where the they don't have lte service. Its in most of my area here. My company has 7 phones 4 iphones I htc android and the rest are 3g compatible phones. the smartphones when they have full service (full signal) will drop calls going form 3g to 4glte.

It not a lack of signal at all it how Verizon doesn't do a good jpob of the handover  between the two signals. I have complained numorous time to my business repr. She even told me that the engineers didn't believe her because  she has the same issue with her own phone.