adding a cell tower
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How can I get a tower in our area?  There is no service here.  I have places for a tower, landowners that would love to have one.  I have filled out two requests in the last month but cannot get any response.  Not impressed with the customer service right now.  Why are folks getting 5G service when several don't have any service at all.

Re: adding a cell tower
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Joegreen116, we know it's important to have service everywhere, and rest assured that we're working to expand all our services. Please keep in mind that when you fill out the form, it may take some time to get a response, as we need to survey the area and see if it's a location in which we can built. We appreciate your patience. 

Re: adding a cell tower
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Form?  I am practically downtown in major city and cant access without extender, can you direct me to this form please?  I may have done it already but dont remember now.


Also, I want to ask how does 5g work if I buy iPhone 12 (which I cant as long as I have to use extender) and I have a plan now that is 8GB and  not unlimited?  If I was to be in an area that has true 5G wouldnt the 8GB get used in minutes?  I guess I dont know how much more it would cost me to use a 5G phone.

In other words, if I dont want to pay a penny more than I am now paying, can I assume I would not be able to use 5G or if I did my 8 GB data limit would disappear in minutes or seconds?  And if you go unlimited is it throttled?  If you have a 5G phone and limited data, you would need to keep the phone off of 5G I assume?  You can turn 5G off, right?