blowing through data since plan change

i was on the more everything plan with 4gb of data. i never had an issue with even coming close to data cap. usually about 3gb max a month. Then i switched to the newest plan (not sure what its called) but i get 5gb of data. All of a sudden im blowing through data like crazy i have ten days left for data reset and im already at 3gb. and Im not using my phone any more than usual. Its also the same exact phone.  Whats going on here?

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Re: blowing through data since plan change
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GENMISERY, we understand your concern regarding the data usage. Several things can impact how much data is being used even if you are using the phone the same as you were before. Application updates can occur causing more data to be used during the update as well as after. We have a tool you can utilize to see how the phone is connecting to the network and using data. To learn more visit If you are close to your data allowance I recommend connecting to wifi to preserve the data.


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