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I'm pretty inconsistent with my use of data. There are some months that I use it up quickly and have to conserve as the billing period runs out. There are others (like this one) where I use only a portion. It would be great if Verizon would push any unused data for each month into a "safeguard" account to cover me when I potentially go over. Is there anything like this in existence? If so, how do I get it? If not, how can I get Verizon to put something like this together?

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Re: carryover minutes/MB
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It WOULD be great if this existed.  Unfortunately, it does not.

The only way to "get Verizon to put something like this together" is to keep requesting it as a service.  And hope they 1) hear and 2) agree.

But I would not hold my breath for it to occur.  Unfortunately.

Re: carryover minutes/MB
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Sure as soon as the towers can somehow store your unused data that might be a good idea.