I have been with Verizon for over 4 years now and am soooo angry! I have had to call everyday for 4 days bc my phone gets turned off every day. I am also socked with a restoral fee every time. My main issue is that i was PROMISED that my phone would remain on until the 15th of June and it wasn't/ I was made this commitment by one of their so called representives and they did nothing to help me after! Why wont they keep their promises. What kind of company does this!?

I am in a bad place right now and in the process of getting a job TODAY but i need my phone to be able to get in the building bc its at a bank cleaning after hours. I wake up today and its off and i call and ask for a supervisor who was rude and acted like a robot! I asked for another supervisor and was transferred back to a floor rep who said would get me a sup and then i was on hold for over 20 minutes and got another rep! These people are bad and i am ashamed to be with Verizon. I needed help and they did nothing!

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