contract versus device payment plan
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Am very concerned about Verizon business practices... we switched to the everything plan last December and device payment plans vs contracts...

My son traded in his phone for a new one in April and then needed to have it replaced in August and in both cases the Verizon store registered the transaction as a 2 year contract which resulted in over $300 + trade in (of a phone less then 2 years old) between the 2 transactions... rather then 0$ for device payment plan.

Would like a refund of the difference between the contract vs device payment plan.


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Re: contract versus device payment plan

Your story is not fitting with your facts, so I hope it can be sorted out.

If he started a new contract in April, you cannot get a new contract in August, so something in your story is not making sense.  What happened to the April phone that it needed to be replaced in August? Was it warranty or damage?  Was his previous contract completed before he got a new phone in April.

It take it your son had permission to make changes and is an adult. That makes it difficult to understand your demand.  Verizon is unlikely to give you the difference after 6 months and 2 months of gone by. This type of thing needs to be corrected in the first 14 days after a transaction.