degraded or no coverage
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How do we report degraded wireless coverage?

2014 had great 4G coverage at Rattlesnake Island in Alton NH.  This year, there is little or no data at all and even phone calls/text messages are spotty.  All phones - many manufacturers, models and accounts.  Please fix this issue. 


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Re: degraded or no coverage
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We are dedicated to keeping you at top speed with reliable service, RJSpeedy. When exactly did this begin? Does the performance vary during different times of day? How far do you travel before service improves?
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Re: degraded or no coverage
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I have experienced recent degraded data also and want to report it. In 64068, I specifically transferred to Verizon because T-Mobile didn't have data coverage in my neighborhood or driving around town. For the last 2 months, 1 mile from my house, I don't get Verizon data coverage. Please decrease the frequency/download speed so I can at least have some consistent coverage.