device doesn't work and I can't get through to help and tech level 2 doesn't call me like I was told it would

I had issues with not being heard or being able to hear called was told my 6.5 year old device (what are they called antennae?) was 3G and that was why and that I needed a new thing.  I was told kindly that I would not be charged for this at that time and that my plan would not change.  I got the device if anything it's worse now not only can't I be heard but I'm constantly disconnected.  I only have two bars and it doesn't matter where I put the thing in my small ancient wooden cottage it's two bars.  I was once told that customer service would contact level 2 tech and they would somehow boost the signal so I could get better service.  I do not have a cellphone so I cannot get text and I've never been called by tech.  I can't even stay on hold without being disconnected so I'm stuck I don't have a way of contacting Verizon and basically don't have a phone - advice anyone?

Re: device doesn't work and I can't...
Customer Service Rep

We can definitely assist you here, fryelike. Is this a mobile hotspot/jetpack internet only type device? You mentioned you cannot be heard because of the problem, but also that you don't have a cellular phone, so we're just trying to make sure we're on the same page. We'll be standing by. EricW_VZW