iPhone 5 is useless with Verizon

I switched from AT&T to Verizon because I was hoping to have better coverage. I was never told by the sales rep at Verizon that I would no longer be able to make phone calls while on the internet, nor can I merge calls. I travel a lot and my GPS on my phone is worthless if I get a call. My data coverage is crap most of the time, too. I am paying $50 more per month than I was with AT&T and I can't do as much as I could with AT&T. My 64GB phone that I paid $500 for is worthless with Verizon. Is there a way I can opt out of my newly signed 2 year contract, without being charged an early termination fee, and go back to a company that will make me happy? Currently, my phone is a paperweight.

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Re: iPhone 5 is useless with Verizon

No, there is not a way of "opting" out of your contract without paying the ETF. THAT is why Verizon has a 14 day return period, in case the service/device will not work for you.

You could port your number out to AT&T and then sell your phone on a site such as Swappa.com. The price you get will more than cover the ETF.