incredibly slow 4G LTE speeds during work day

I get 4 bars consistently at my work, yet my internet speed has slowed down to .01-.05 MB/s during the hours of 8am-4pm.  This is slow enough that it takes many minutes to open a simple webpage.  Text messaging works fine and I can even make HD calls.  I have had Verizon for 10 years at this location and even with all the 4G LTE improvements, my data has slowed to a stop.  After about 4pm it picks up to maybe 4MB/s.  This must have to do with network congestion, but so what?  It's every day for 8 hours, not a random sporting event.  What am I even paying for??  How can I file some official complaint that might draw some attention?

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Re: incredibly slow 4G LTE speeds during work day
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We appreciate you bringing this issue to our immediate attention, Hokiesax. We want you to have the best wireless experience possible and would like to learn more about this issue. What zip code are you located in? Do you know if other Verizon Wireless customers are experiencing the same issue in your local area or specifically at your work location?



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