intermittent service on several phones
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My wife has been complaining about intermittent service for the past week.  Then it started happening to my son.  Now a coworker is having the same issue for the past week+.  I am not having issues yet.  Has something changed that is causing these intermittent issues?  By the way they all have motorola phones and so do I.  Actually now that I recall last weekend I went to a different time zone.  Monday morning when my alarm sounded it was actually 1 hour too early but according to my phone I was still in the other time zone.

Re: intermittent service on several phones
Customer Service Rep

As a valued customer, your service concerns are our concerns too! Hearing that you, your wife, and your co-worker are experiencing issues with intermittent service for the past week, is not the experience we want for you. We apologize for your inconvenience and we're here to help.


We've also noted that you're using Motorola phones. Let's work together to get this resolved.


Have there been any recent changes with your Device? (e.g., software update, new apps downloaded, recent SIM Card change, etc.) Are you experiencing service issues while you're indoors, outdoors, or both?  Thanks! -Robert C.