mifi 5510l will not stay connected

I live in a remote area of Illinois and am on the fringe of 3g/4g. Regardless of what signal I get my wifi will only stay "connected" for about 5 minutes max, then I have to plug it in to the electric outlet and it works fine, except when the device pops up and says I need to disconnect from the outlet because the battery is fully charged. If I say "ok" and leave it plugged in it works fine. I called the help line when I first got it and they could not give me an answer and were going to call me back the next day..that was 3 months ago and I don't have the time to sit on hold and wait for someone else to help me and start all over again.  My question is, will only using this when it is plugged in hurt anything and is it just because we are on a fringe area that it is doing it? My only other option is dial up which I used for 15 years and even bad, this is better!

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Re: mifi 5510l will not stay connected
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Hmm. This is not a known issue, alostsoul! Your time is certainly valuable and we do not want to take too much of it. I understand the need of a reliable device and I want to see that happening for you. I just sent you a follow request. Please follow me back and send me a private message with your name and a contact number.

I am looking forward to your reply so that I can help!

Thank you,

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