no internet with 4G LG phone

This is now the 4th phone replacement that I have had to do. With this new refurbished phone I am now not able to connect to the internet. I wish that I had never upgraded my old phone. This one has given me nothing but problems and issues since the day I got it.Previous 3 phones got extremely hot after charging and the camera did not work and the phone dropped calls all the time. So now on this one I am not able to conect to the internet. I will not use WIFI as I am already paying Verizon alot of money to have this and the old unlimited data plan. Can anyone suggest how I can get out to the internet on this phone? I did get on last night to use the play store and it took forever for that to come up. Any help is surely appreciated!

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Re: no internet with 4G LG phone
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Hello Jt1,

It can be upsetting now being able to get on your Internet. Especially, after 4 replacements. I would like to speak with you. Please follow my profile and dm me your contact information. I would like to speak with you in regards to your situation. We appreciate your patience and would like to make sure you have a working device.


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