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no service on verizon...

ok so at my high school where i really need cell service.   verizon doesnt work ay my high school but yet at&t does.  as soon as i walk 15ft into the door i get 0 bars of LTE on my phone and then no service.  first of all, there are no cell phone repeaters in the building for at&t, at&t just some how works!!  i also discovered that in the elementary school, in some of the rooms rverizon has no service but yet at&t gets 5 bars of "4G" (HSPA+).  there are also no repeaters in that building either.  the verizon tower loves to go down a lot for about 6-8 hours, although this has not happened for a while.   i would like a CLEAR reason why verizon doesnt work!  i just dont get it!  as soon as i walk out the door bam 5 bars of LTE!!  ar&t gets 5 bars in the middle of the high school and im lucky if i even get 0.  its impossible to place a phone call on verizon.  pleae help me!!  is it a tower issue or what??  i asked a teacher and they said the walls block verizon and im like ummm.... then at&t wouldnt work if it was the walls.  please help!!

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Re: no service on verizon...

Service isn't guaranteed inside buildings for any carrier. Why do you need service while at school? Shouldn't you be trying to learn instead?

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.