poor coverage at home all of a sudden
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ok so about 2 months ago i started having trouble at my house with calls being dropped, now they're constantly dropping.   i called and did everything, and no i will not switch to another carrier (at&t would be my only option).  so verizon checked the tower and everything came back ok, i was put under marginal coverage and was taken out of my contract.  the rep reccomended me buying a network ectender for $75.  i know its a good deal but i cant afford all this stuff!  the bill is expensive as it is!  i reallllllllllllly need a free of charge network extender.  i think i deserve one becuause of the poor service and my employee discount will not work, anyway i dont want the discount fixed i just want a free of charge network extender.  please!!  i am in need of one badly

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