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"Mobile network not available" on my Note2 and my wife's iPhone 4?

Just started less than an hour ago.  Anyone have any suggestions?  It is happening on my Note 2 and my wife's iPhone 4, which leads me to believe it is an account/network issue, not a device issue.  We are paid in full and active.  Internet works on WiFi and 4G and I am able to receive phone calls and texts but neither of us can make calls and I cannot send texts.  When I call, I get "Mobile network not available."  When I text, I get a similar message saying my text will be sent when I have service.  My wife can send texts to others and it works, but sending to me does fails.  Please help!

Update: my wife can only text to other iPhones.  Texts to other devices fail.

My stats:

4G full bars

Model: SCH-I605

OS: 4.1.2

Baseband Version: I605VRAMC3

Kernel Version: 3.0.31-1098177

Build: JZO54K.I605VRAMC3

Hardware: I605.06

Network: switches between Searching for Service, and Verizon Wireless

Signal Strength: -94 dBm 46 asu

Mobile Network Type: LTE:14

Service state: switches between Out of service and In service

Roaming: Not roaming

Mobile network state: switches between Connected and Disconnected

IMEI and ICCID bot populated

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Re: "Mobile network not available" on my Note2 and my wife's iPhone 4?

Phone started working again for no apparent reason.  We did nothing special.  I am going to leave this open for now as I would like to know what could cause this.