suddenly seeing full gig usage in one visit

I have a five spot for wifi connections.   on 3 different occasions last month my bill says I used over 1 gig of of3 gig allowance.  I couldn't use a gig if I tried.  I paid a $10. extra charge for last month.  It tells me again two nights ago I used another gig at one sitting.    my usage per visit runs to .001 or .002.    Verizon can't or won't explain.  says maybe I left it on and unattended.?????????  anyone else ever hear of this?

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Re: suddenly seeing full gig usage in one visit
Customer Service Rep

Hello auntbet,

We want you to love your wireless service. We certainly understand the importance of accurate billing. Allow me to partner with you to verify that your data usage is reporting properly. May I ask what web activity are you using? Are you streaming videos or music? Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora radio are streaming services that can use a lot of data in a very small amount of time. To verify if this is the case, please send me a private message so we can take a look together. I'm looking forward to your reply.

Thank you...

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