tech support blamed varying signal levels on: phone manufacturers, location, simm

I just had a circular discussion with a national tech support person:  diaed 611, chose tech support.  Explained that on my FIRST day testing new Galaxy Nexus, I have had repeated dropped calls and intermittent "network not available" mesages when dialing out.  She insisted that there were no service difficulties in my area, and alternated between blaming the problem on: signal reception varies between the phone manufacturers, the "building" I was in was causing the intereference, and that the simm card was bad.  I explained that I was sitting in the same spot, surrounded by windows in a wooden house sitting in the center of a 1 million person metro area.  I have never had rception problems in my house using my former 3G phone, am not having current problems with reception using annother 3G phone in the house, and that I was watching the reception signal indicator bars vary between 0 and 3 bars on this new phone. She wanted me to leave the house and try the phone in different locations.  I tried to reason with her: the simplest explination is that there was signal strength variation occuring, either from varying power output of a cell tower, or a stronger signal from a closer tower was intermittently going out and coming back up.  The defective simm card  arguement is less plausble since electronics usully perform in an "all or nothing" fashion, but at her direction, I removed and replaced the simm twice. She expressed exaspiration, stating that I was resistant to all of her explinations.  I then called a local store tech who told me that people ARE reporting intermittent dropped calls, and that the 4G LTE network IS experiencing intermittent "glitches."  He stated that he has been advising people to manually switch to 3G for voice and text, and only switching to 4G temporarly if they need to download/view data intensive things like videos.  Anyone else having intermittent dropped calls and "network not available" messages?

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