terribly slow data

For the past few months my data has been terribly slow.  Average download speeds under 2mbps and upload not much better no matter where or when i test the speed.  I count on my phone to hotspot my work phone a few times a month and it drops constantly on that.  It started in the fall on my iphone 7 plus and I upgraded to an 11 and it is still the same issue on both my phone and my ipad mini 5 with cellular.  I am still on the single smartphone unlimited plan, it doesn't list anything about anytime throttling or reduced hot spot speeds on my plan page on my verizon page but it is getting very difficult to keep going with this service. 

Re: terribly slow data
Customer Service Rep

I'm here to help satisfy your need for speed, let's look into this. I will be sending you a Private Message momentarily.