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We are a little over a year into our two year contract and have run into a snag.  We originally though that we would never have use for a hot spot so we went with the pantech usb modem but over time have found service to be spotty in the house though if we take it upstairs to one end of the house its pretty good but cant run a usb cable that far to the desk top.  As well we now are considering getting a tablet so it wold be nice to be able to run two devices at once.  I went to the verizon store and was told by some kid working there who couldn't bother to stop texting to talk to me that my only option was either pay the 175 to end the contract or 189 to buy a jet pack.  When I asked if a used one of say ebay or something would work he said not that most of them are locked and didn't seem to want to elaborate.  Is this true,are there other options?

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You can buy used ones - just make sure they're verizon branded and have a clean ESN.  The kid in the store sounds like a twerp who needs to find a different job.