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Verizon is a **bleep** company with **bleep** for customer service. I noticed they keep forums and discussion under tight wraps. Most of the people I know also hate verizons crooked stores. So why is it that this Verizon comunnity is talking good about Verizon. Its not realistic that everyone here is happy about over paying for a phone and data package. Nowhere online can you find out what people have to say about Verizon. Sorry  if your going to screw people at least be able to face the crowd of us that hate you. The rest of you in here posting **bleep** I hope you enjoy your service.


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I have been a Verizon Wireless customer for something like six or seven years. During this time, I have made it a point to be self-sufficient in everything that I do with VZW, but in the few times I have to contact customer care, it is typically a pleasant experience. Every now and again, I get a poor experience, but this is a rarity and the amount of times that it has been pleasant is enough to overshadow the bad. Your bad experience is not indicative of what the reality is with respect to the company itself and, obviously, the difference between happy and angry customers is vast with the happy customers being the vast majority of the customer base. This is why VZW is always at the top two (often the top spot) for customer satisfaction in various customer polls and why they possess the highest reputation in the industry and, furthermore, why I continue to do business with them.
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I'm sorry for any frustration you feel with Verizon Wireless. Our peer-to-peer community is a great place to voice your praises, concerns, ideas, complaints, and opinions. We have a simple rule that you remain respectful to the other members. Verizon Wireless understands customer feedback is one of the best tools we have to grow and improve as a wireless provider, because of that we offer many different ways to contact us. If you continue to have concerns, I am happy to address them. Please just send me a private message so I can assist you further.


Thank you!

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You want to see tight wraps??? Go to the ATT site where they will DELETE negative posts. This rarely occurs here. I can think of two instances.


Here you can say what ya want, as long as you do not swear or attack others. (As you can see, your post is still here) And if we want to disagree with you, we are welcome to do so.