why is my unlimited data plan terrible now
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Back when I first got Verizon over a year ago now, I’ve had perfect service my data was fast and I could connect devices at good speed for 75 dollars a month. After I changed to a 70 dollar plan after my data speeds became noticeably weaker my personal hotspot was removed, which the plan did not mention. After I try to get my hotspot back I can’t get the plan I had before and I had to change over to postpay and now I have a bill of 94 dollars of unlimited that’s just as worse. I can’t stream anything without it buffering it’s unusable. I recently changed over to the 70 dollar unlimited plan since I couldn’t use my personal hotspot anymore and it’s just terrble to have to pay so much for an unlimited plan that doesn’t work. I’ve been considering change providers as well because Verizon is terrible.