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I am a new customer signed up for 5 G Home internet 8/19, received an e-mail 8/23 your offer is ready to redeem, logged into my Verizon offer was not there, called support 48 minutes, they tried to add the Sunday ticket offer to the account I received an error when trying to claim "there was en error when adding this NFL Sunday Ticket on us to your my Verizon account"

The Customer service rep decided I had to be unregistered and re-registered to claim the offer, they unregistered me, then they could send me a password because they can only do it via SMS and the home internet box cant receive them!  So they had to mail me a temp password, are you kidding me ?

8/29 Temp Password received did not work called customer support 42 minutes, they said the rep needed to send me an access code and it too would come by mail.  Again you must be kidding me?

9/5 Received new password still did not work called customer support 38 minutes they advised they NFL ticket offer could not have been claimed prior to 8/25 and the problem with my account was the previous reps unregistered the number and that is why the temp password was not working and the ONLY option was to mail another one.  Are you kidding me?

9/9 No password received called 45 minutes online, rep said she cant help me have to go to local store to claim offer.  Seriously why was I not told this before?  Went to local store and they cannot reset my Verizon password like phone rep said.  So still no access to my Verizon, he called support, they said they completed a "fall out form" that would be e-mail to me in 10 business days.  So fingers crossed I might have Sunday Ticket by week 3.   Are you kidding me?

Very Disappointed in this experience.   Amazed reps unregistered my account and passwords have to be mailed.  Completely unsatisfactory handling I can not imagine a company walk through were this should be the accepted practice.  I have saved phone records, error messages, etc.   Shameful every time I get transferred the new rep knows next to nothing, I have reference numbers but they don't bother to read them before helping?

Seriously Verizon ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Week 3 and I might have my free offer for signing up?

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E-mail Rcvd 08/23E-mail Rcvd 08/23After Support Offer Arrived 08/24After Support Offer Arrived 08/24Could not Claim 08.24Could not Claim 08.24Oh No The rep unregistered me to abyss!Oh No The rep unregistered me to abyss!