NFL Sunday Ticket
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I've now spent well over 6 hours on the phone or on a chat line dealing with the Verizon 5G Home Plus (and the 'free' NFL Sunday Ticket offer).   No one in the technical support or customer service seems to know anything or be able to do more than tell me 'I'm eligible'.  Great.  Thanks.  I already knew that.     Now have to wait 5 days for an escalation ticket.  Really?  Come on folks -- this is TERRIBLE process and I'm ready to just tell them they can have it all back.  

The link in the email says to redeem, but you have to do fill out something in +play, which just tells me I have to pay the $449 and it's NON-REFUNDABLE.  It all feels very 'bait and switch'.

I can't believe that this is something that Verizon would be proud to offer their customers.

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