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Can’t find for you, on us tile or redeem offer 


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Hello all,

I had the same issue, and wasted over an hour in chat speaking with three different agents, only to eventually be disconnected - the agent sent a link to click, which opened in the same window, immediately disconnecting our chat session.

The reason you can't find it where the Verizon email told you it was is because it doesn't exist.

Verizon's documentation, collateral and correspondence copy is VERY outdated, and in most cases no longer appplicable.  What you are actually looking for is "Make the most of your plans".  Here is how to find it:

  1. In the main (top) navigation, click on Account » Account overview to take you to your account page.
    You can access it directly here -
  2. Scroll down and look for a section titled "Make the most of your plans"
  3. In that section there should be a card closely titled "Redeem your exclusive offers by..."

If it is not there, then the offer is either not yet available for redemption, or the offer has already expired.


Final thoughts

The Verizon website is by far the most unintuitive and incomplete customer portal I have ever used.  I use "Customer Portal" very lightly, as it is half-baked at best.  As previously stated, the support documentation is VERY outdated, and 90% of the instruction links send you to an ERROR page that states "This page is for residential accounts and you are signed in to your wireless account.  If you're trying to manage a 5G Home or other wireless services, use the Account menu".  Well, the Account menu is obviously where I started before having to start digging through Support docs, which is always a LAST resort.

What I think is the case is that the Verizon development team decided that instead of build a proper 5G Home customer portal, they would just HACK one into the existing Wireless portal, which has completely different business requirements.  Needless to say, the user experience is completely BROKEN and disjointed, and feels like 90% of the features were simply ripped out to get it to "just work".

Hope this helps others in the future!

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Just got the "Redeem" email this morning and of course, nowhere to be found. Your post is very helpful. My "Make the Most of Your Plans" only has "Your next phone could be on us" and "Explore add ons and apps", no Redeem at all.

I've had so many issues with Verizon's website, it really is the worst portal I've ever had the misfortune of having to use. It really shows its disjointed legacy/monolith substandard infrastructure. Then dealing with their customer service means you throw away half your day with multiple either chat agents or phone calls.

I'll wait a day or three and see if the "Redeem" square shows up under that area. It probably won't, so I'll waste a half day in customer chat next week trying to figure out how to redeem the offer.

Verizon's cell service is the best in my area, but the worst website and customer service ever.

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Clicking on the tile in "Making the most of your plan" just brings us to another page that talks about the offer.





My 65 day period was up yesterday (8/21). Email said I was eligible to redeem. But like other users have said, no luck with that.

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Thank you so much for this comment! Very frustrating trying to find where to redeem these offers.