5G Home Gateway Unable to Connect to 5G network while phone on verizon network connects to UWB in same location

Anyone else run into this issue? Once every few weeks my 5g gateway will just refuse to find/connect to the UWB network and get stuck on LTE, with pings of 200+ and speeds < 2MBPS

Interestingly my Iphone on verizon network from same room will instantly get onto the UWB network, and even if/when it drops and falls back on LTE, the LTE speeds on my phone remain well over 100mbps w/ pings < 10


I've got my gateway mounted on a window, however apparently Verizon's gateway mgmt platform after the initial setup NEVER allows you to retry/restart the location/tower finder in the app that is available during the initial setup of the gateway

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We appreciate you bringing up this concern! We always want to ensure you are having the best possible network experience. If you experience this issue and start to lose your expected 5G speeds on either your router or smartphone, please reach out to us for real-time troubleshooting so that we may diagnose the issue: https://www.verizon.com/support/contact-us/