5G Home - Support REALLY BAD - In a loop, unable to get fixed
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I have been on 5G Home (UWB, C-Band), 300mb down, 20mb up. Technically been great for over a year.  I kept getting letters saying they would turn off paperless billing because they cannot reach me. Turns out, they are sending text messages to the Router. I called support and they had me recreate my account name, passwork, etc to "fix" the issue. 

Then, my speeds dropped from 300 down to between 20-40mb down. Router was flipping between LTE and 5G_NWS (whatever that is). I suspect the account change messed something up. I called support and that started a multi-day, 22 hours and counting mess with Verizon support. Tier 1 - Listen, look at account, cannot not do anything.  Transfer to Tier 2, repeatedly follow a script and router issues still exists. I have spoken to over 13 techs and am at my wits end. Tier 2 transfer to 5G home support, usually off-shore and you have to start again.

My nextdoor neighbors router was moved to my house and he gets 300MB down and 20 up. Verizon finally shipped a replacement router. I explicitly asked them to check it was 5G Home C-Band, they confirmed. I got the router today, its LTE only and getting the same slow speed as my original router. I spend 4.5 hours on the phone today, same Q/A, same transfers, lost calls, hang-ups, etc. 

I need to get the incorrect replacement back to Verizon. No Return label provided. I am now being billed for TWO services doubling my monthly cost. 

I suspect an account issue. When you lookup my address or neighbors, the only service offered is LTE. All C-Band slots are used up. I was one of the first with the service on this tower and used if for over a year. 

How can I get this resolved.  Who can I talk that can understand the history and fix the problem with a new 5G Home router or an account change. 

Whay is support so bad with verizon? 22 hours logged on the phone with people going around and around doing the same stuff. 



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