5G Internet Nothing But Problems

Issue #1: When I upgraded my 5G in Dec 2022 I was promised a $200 Grub Hub gift card. 6 phone calls later and 6 different stories and 6 months later. - I still don’t have it.  I feel completely lied to and I have been a customer for 10 years. This is unacceptable.

#2: The box worked great for a couple of months and then we started loosing connection several times a day. We get service to the box okay - the problem seems to be between the box and my devices. We have to reboot SEVERAL times a day. Called IT SOOOOOO many times. They only seem to be capable of restarting the box which will work for maybe a couple hours. We even have had the box replaced  - this did not make a difference. I am so disappointed in Verizon. Lately all I am getting from them are lies, empty promises and incompetence. Verizon should stay out of the Home Internet sector as they are incapable of providing a quality service. 

I would not even a little bit recommend this service and expect I will become an AT&T customer very soon.

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Customer Service Rep


We appreciate your years of loyal service. We never want to see you leave us. What router do you have? What zip code are you in?-Joe