5G availabilty is more secret than CIA files

For the last year or so I have stopped in from time to time to local store to ask about 5G and 5G internet availability. Each time told would be in a few months.

Chat here cannot tell me when. Tired of being treated like a mushroom (kept in dark, fed garbage).

Looks like this is only way to complain to Verizon except snail mail? Seriously? Hope somebody in Verizon management will reply.

Am in rural area. Have had Hughsnet for 10 years. Would like to use Verizon. Have been told Consumer Cellular has 5G and internet. Also local phone company is SUPPOSED to be running hard line cable.Of course Verizon is also SUPPOSED  to be getting 5G here, but can't find out when.

Even though have been Verizon customer for 20 years and have multiple devices, am thinking about looking at other suppliers.

I am extremely FRUSTRATED with this. Am I to believe that Verizon has no master plan for cut-over to 5G? Really?

Why cannot they give broad estimates? Are we talking months, quarter years, years?

Want to make decisions as to remain HughesNet or wait for Verizon 5G, use Verizon Jetpacks or some other provider.


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