5g Business horible

Just got my 5g router for business. Speeds tested fine but when I changed it to ip passthrough mode to use my own router they dropped to unusable levels. Support is horrific, wait times are 30 min and knows nothing. Same overseas support as cell users. They are card readers and dont even know what ip passthough is. To top it all off the dynamic ip address changes frequently - an issue for my voip phones. No easy method of paying a few bux extra for a static ip. This is a joke and this system is not ready for prime time. I will gladly keep paying double to comcast for half the speed but reliable service. If you purport to service business users you need a US support team that knows what they are doing. 

Re: 5g Business horible
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If you need static IP, you need to pay extra for the static IP as the standard 5G Home and Business are all DHCP based.

There are many things to check on the users end when the speed dropped. Common issues are IP conflicts, TCP/UDP Checksum Offload, to just name a few.