5g Home Internet is terrible even in strong signal areas
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I live in LA right next to LAX which is supposedly a strong area for 5g home internet, however my 300 mbps plan is consistently operating around 1 mbps which is too slow to work or watch TV.   The internet will run fast in spurts, but it is constantly fluctuating and for the second time this week it is completely unusable. 

When I try to reach out to Verizon's "24/7" phone support, I am notified that there call centers are closed by 6pm pacific.  When I chat with support, I spend over an hour doing basic troubleshooting and never get an answer that helps me. 

Is there something that I should be doing to get better (or even acceptable) service or should I just cut my losses and switch to spectrum? 

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We're sorry to read that you are having issues with your service. When did this issue start? Does the light on the device change when having these issues?  ~Peter