5g Home internet gateway return kit did not arrive in time
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I am charged 328 for not returning 5G home internet gateway in time. I have been trying to dispute and resolve this matter with Verizon but even after multiple attempts the charge is still there and now have been sent to two debt collector companies both of which I have disputed. 

I wish to provide further context regarding the circumstances surrounding the return of the device. A representative came to our door  last year in September and offered the one month free trial, I was informed that I would receive a return kit after the conclusion of my one-month trial period if I choose to terminate the service. This return kit was essential for returning the device to Verizon. Unfortunately,  by the end of the one month I was expecting a return kit so that I can return the internet gateway. The return kit did not arrive within the anticipated time frame, even after my multiple attempts to communicate with Verizon's customer service representatives. Despite my diligent efforts in reaching out to Verizon through numerous phone calls, the return kit failed to arrive on time as promised. This resulted in an undue delay in the return process and left me in a state of uncertainty. In light of this situation, and after waiting for a reasonable period, I decided to personally visit one of Verizon's corporate offices to return the device, ensuring that it was returned promptly and properly. The free trial ended in October and I recieved the return kit June when I had already returned the device.

Following the return of the device, I continued my proactive approach by contacting Verizon's customer service department on several occasions to address the charges that were still appearing on my account statement. During each of these interactions, I communicated the details of the return process, including the difficulties I encountered with receiving the return kit and my subsequent visit to a corporate office for the return. In response, each representative I spoke with assured me that the erroneous charges would be rectified and removed from my account in a timely manner. Despite the reassurances provided by Verizon's representatives, I find it incredibly disheartening that the charges in question persist on my account statement. This ongoing situation has led to unnecessary distress and inconvenience, as I have been proactive in addressing the matter and have followed the instructions provided by Verizon to the best of my ability.

The principle of honoring promises and adhering to clear instructions is of utmost importance, and I genuinely hope that we could have reached a solution that reflects this commitment without the need of further escalation. I find it unfair to give away even a penny out of our hard earned money with no fault of our own.I have already disputed the charge with two different debt collectors and I will continue to do so.

Here are the specifics of the instances when I contacted Verizon customer support. These are the only ones I managed to document; however, I'm uncertain about the total number of calls I've made beyond these occasions. During each call, I spent an average of about 20-30 minutes being tossed around, explaining the situation repeatedly to various representatives.

Wed, Nov 30, 2022, 3:43 PM
Thu, Jan 19, 4:31 PM
Wed, May 10, 11:29 AM
Wed, May 10, 9:12 PM
Fri, May 12, 12:32 PM
Mon, May 22, 11:21 AM
Tue, Jun 6, 12:55 PM

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We are truly sorry to see you in this dilemma. You have certainly been through alot. Our goal is to always provide a world-class experience. We sent you a Private Note, please review at your best convenience.



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The Verizon's Executive team has been in communication with me over the past three days regarding this issue. This morning, they reached out to inform me that the charge has been successfully removed from my account. They assured me that they have also contacted the collection agency to have the associated negative mark removed from my credit report. However, they mentioned that it might take up to 90 days for this process to be completed. I'm relieved that the Executive team addressed the matter, and I'll be monitoring my credit report to confirm the removal of any derogatory remarks.