Area Code on the Verizon 5G Gateway

My brother has been using Verizon 5G for the last 6 months just 3 blocks away from me  here at the NJ shore with consistent d/l speeds of 500mbps to 900mbps.  He is new to Verizon and his box received a local area code 609 cell number. This is a vacation home 2nd location for me. I have Verizon FIOS at home where Verizon 5G Home is NOT available. My box came with a 484 area code which is in PA where I live and the main account are.

I have had the unit for more than 2 weeks and have had a ticket open for now 11 days. The d/l speeds have only for an hour or so certain days crept up to near 300mbps....however that rarely lasts long and before you know it I am back down to 15mbps to 50bps. When I started a YouTube TV trial last night the service thought my service was in PA and not in NJ. Could the verizon technicians assigned a wrong area code to the unit that keeps cutting it back because it is geocoded and knows the box is not at my primary residence and account?

Thoughts from anyone is most appreciated!



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