Continuing Issue with Unreturned Equipment and Erroneous Charges from Verizon

I’m writing this with my deep frustration with Verizon regarding an ongoing issue I have been experiencing with unreturned equipment, which has been causing me significant time and energy wastage.

Since last year, I have been dealing with repeated notifications and charges from Verizon claiming that I have not returned the equipment, despite the fact that I have already returned it and received confirmation from Verizon via email that the device has been received at their end. Even after the equipment was received by Verizon, I continued to receive emails claiming that it had not been returned, and charges were still being reflected on my account. This even escalated to the point where I was contacted by the collection department for $451.02 charges, further adding to the unnecessary stress and frustration caused by Verizon's mishandling of this matter.

It was not until last month that the issue was finally resolved and the charges were cleared, after multiple phone calls, emails, and hours spent trying to resolve the matter. However, to my surprise, the Verizon agent informed me that the service associated with the equipment had not been cancelled until the day when the agent checked and confirmed the cancellation.

Now, I am facing the same issue once again, with emails from Verizon claiming that I have not returned the device and threatening to charge me $200. This repeated and persistent error on Verizon's part has been a tremendous waste of my time, energy, and effort, causing unnecessary stress and inconvenience.

I am extremely disappointed with Verizon's handling of this matter and the repeated mismanagement of the situation. I have already gone through the process of confirming the return of the equipment, resolving the charges, and verifying the cancellation of the service. It is unacceptable that I am now facing the same issue again, and I urge Verizon to rectify this matter promptly and permanently.

I kindly request your urgent assistance in resolving this ongoing issue as soon as possible, as it has been an undue burden on me. I expect swift and accurate action to correct this error and prevent any further inconvenience or charges on my account.

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Customer Service Rep

Hi there, Karen. This is absolutely not the kind of service and experience we want you to have with Verizon. Please, send us a PM on Facebook, or DM us on Twitter, and we'll help you find out what's going on and solve it for you as soon as possible. Remember we're available 24/7, so feel free to contact us anytime you need.