I spoke w/ a tech on 7/13/23 with assistance about my 5G Home Internet.  After a few questions and testing, I was advise they would send me a  Extender.  I followed up today (7/18/23) and I am being advised the order was cancelled and not approved.  I received no notification and requested to speak with a manager.  I was told I would receive a call back w/in 2 to 4 hours.  Which would have been prior to 9pm est close of business.  It is now 10:55pm est and I have not received a call.

What should be my next step for resolution.  Any suggestions on who I should call or email that would be responsive?

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Customer Service Rep

We definitely want to make sure that your concern regarding your home service is clarified, and we will be glad to check for any updated. We've contacted you via Private Note to continue assisting you. ~Geo