G3200 Guest Wi-Fi wont connect
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I have a G3100 in the house and purchased a G3200 extender for the garage.  The G3200 is not in Wi-Fi range of the G3100 so it was connected thru a Cat6 cable. I could get my main and guest Wi-Fi thru the G3200.

There was a problem with the G3100 so Fios sent me a new unit. Since then I can't get the guest Wi-Fi to work in the garage. I tried setting it up in the house with a cat6 cable and then a coax cable then moved it to the garage and connected thru a cat6 cable and then that didn't work thru a coax cable. Even reset the units to factory settings a few times.

On the G3200 I see a strong SSID for the main and guest Wi-Fi's  and can connect to the main but the Guest Wi-Fi cant connect . Keeps saying looking for an IP address or wont accept the password. If I move the G3200 withing Wi-Fi range of the G3100 it works.

What should I be looking for in the programming of the G3100?

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