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I just signed up for the 5G Home Internet promotion. The Gateway router installed easily, but then I couldn't add devices because the network wouldn't accept the password on the bottom of the router. Neither would the entry to the router admin dashboard. After trying several workarounds, I finally factory reset the router. It then began accepting devices even though I hadn't entered a password! I did some digging and discovered the network was now configured with some randomly generated password.

I used the My Verizon app to change my network name and password and these now work to add devices and access the network. But I still can't access the router WebGUI admin page. It doesn't accept the new password nor the bottom-of-the-router password nor "admin" or "password" or any of the other usual suspects.

Verizon "help" chat keeps sending me to a topic search page, which is useless. The proprietary Verizon password entry page (see photo) rejects any password ("Login Failed") and, unlike all of the help page images and descriptions, contains no "Forgot your password?" option (in five different browsers).

Leave aside the mediocre performance (less than 300 Mbps--sometimes LOTS less--on a Plus account that advertises 300-1000 Mbps), the whole black box nature of Verizon's interface makes problem-solving practically impossible. Does anyone have possible solutions?

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