Home LTE WiFi Gateway - What band am I on?
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I just installed the 5G Home LTE Gateway - it’s working fine and my 5GHz & 2.4 GHz devices are connecting.  However, how do I know what band my  5ghz devices are connecting to, the 5GHz band or the  2.4 GHz band?  My iPhone has the capability to connect to both bands. The WiFi ISP that I was previously using, I was able to name and have a separate password for both bands. And  on my 5GHz devices (iphone)  I could manually connect to either band. I sometimes did that because the 2.4ghz worked better when I was far away from the router. I just want to be able to check / make sure my 5GHz devices are connecting to the 5GHz band.  Or be a able to connect to the 2.4ghz band on my 5GHz devices if I am too far away from the gateway & the 5GHz band is slow. I know how to get into the more advanced router settings using the IP address and admin password, but haven’t found the area where the 2 band settings are located. I’m assuming it’s somewhere in the advanced router settings. Thanks!

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