Never received my Verizon $200 e-gift card
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Why I feel like I have been Bamboozled in upgrading services with verizon? I was offered a $200 dollar gift card when I upgraded my services in May 2023 ( as you can see below) , but never received it. I have contacted Verizon on several occasion as well as today (8/25/2023) to inform them that I have not receive the card,  and to get the reason why I have not received the card. On each occasion they transfer me to their third party provider Black Hawk who seen not to be able to provide me the reason why the card is not been provided to my email or mailed.  I have been referred to the third party provider (Black Hawk) twice and was informed that it would be delieved to my email within 48 to 72 hrs (once on  8/18/2023 and today (8/25/2023). To this day the card have not came to my email. They told me to provide a different email and so that what I did today. So now, I has to wait another 48 to 72 hrs to see if it will be delieved. Verizon need to investigate this provider because it seem like they may be doing some crooked and bad business when the customers. 

• 3 Year Internet Price Guarantee

• A $200 Verizon Gift Card.

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I’m in the same position after weeks of a nightmare no service. No promotional card was sent and talking to reps from India is not helping. The attorney general sued verizon in 2019 because they keep doing this to people apparently. Disgrace.  I’m contacting them I suggest you do as well.

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MMM3gkids, we're sorry to learn you had issues with your promotion. We will be sending you a private note to further assist.