Order Confusion / Availability of 5G
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I recently switched to Verizon from TMO - no issue there. I placed an order online for 5G Home Internet after seeing it was available in my area, and cancelled my previous ISP; Cox. I'm in the Omaha, Nebraska area, 61804 zip. Instead of waiting the 2 days, I went into the store the next day to get the device required. The original order (Placed Feb 7th) is still there for some reason, and agents on the phone cannot even see it, and it's not making any progress. I have the ARC-XCI55AX device, provided to me by a Verizon store (not authorized reseller). I am on the 5G Home Plus plan. I picked up this device, Feb 8th. My speeds are capped at 300mbps download, and around 20mbps upload. I was told something about the engineers needing to add my address to the system or something to receive the true UW spectrum speeds (of up to a GBPS). Then I wake up today (Feb 9th) and see another order was placed, for 5G home internet, with the device VZ INT ASK-NCQ1338FA. I called in to have the order canceled (as I certainly did not place it) and there are no indications my account was breached. Agent said he forwarded it to his supervisor to cancel the order. This was about an hour ago.

Generally I am just confused. My phone service works fine and everything is good on the mobile end of things, but how do I/will I know if my 5G Home Internet will be uncapped? Should I worry about these orders interfering with things if my current device (ARC) is working and functioning at the previously mentioned 300mbps?

Please let me know kindly if I left out any necessary details, and thank you ahead of time for any assistance.