Passthrough or Bridge mode on Verizon Internet Gateway.
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Many questions are in the forums about this topic.  Below are helpful tips.
The first thing to ask is "why are you considering another router?"  The answer to that question might be a few common reasons:
  • You have many existing devices already connected to your prior router.    A much simpler solution that doesn't required you to use your old router or passthrough.mode.   Simply write down the SSID and WiFI Password from your old router.  Unplug your old router.  Using the user guide link below for more detailed instructions:  Log into your new Verizon device and change the SSID and Password to the same ones you used on your old Router.  That's it!   All of your existing devices such as cameras, laptops etc will connect to the new Verizon device automatically just like before!..  
  • You have lots of wired LAN connections and need more ports.   Purchasing a "network switch" will solve your problem.   They are inexpensive devices available from many retailers including Verizon and will multiply the number of wired connections.   
  • You have a complex setup at home that you think requires the use of a personal router such as certain gaming or smarthome configurations.   The Verizon Internet Gateway allows for passthrough mode.   Instructions can be found in the user manual links below.
1) Determine the Verizon 5G Home Equipment you have by checking the bottom.  Look for SKU.  
LInk to user manual
Line for the user manual
2) Find the Network settings section of the user manual or search the user manual PDF for "bridge" or "passthrough".   If you determine you must use a 3rd party router, the passthrough function should be turned on.   Follow the simple instructions to turn it on/off.

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