Poor Experience w/ product & Customer Service

Things started out OK.  Then I realized my wifi for my Ring door bell wasn't working.  My printer wouldn't connect, and any of my peripheral devices that run on 2.4Ghz would not work.   Must be a toggle somewhere?  So I called Customer Service.

The first 45 minutes was with a woman who kept muting me to yell at her kids to be quiet.  Needless to say, her attention span to my problem was severely limited.  She finally sent me up to a "level 2" technician.  I'm guessing she could no longer keep the child under control.   The level 2 technician call started with him speaking Hindi to someone in the background before realizing I was online with him.  I explained my lack of 2.4 access.  15 minutes in to his solving problems that did not exist, I asked him if he remembered what my exact problem was and exactly what was he trying to fix for me.  He had no idea.   

After a transfer to a supervisor, and another transfer to the Home Internet Specialist.  I finally had a trained expert  who, after 45 minutes, delcared a defective box.   So now I have a  internet-router box that is operating at 50% capacity.  5G fine, 2.4G non-existent.   

I'm told there are no replacement boxes currently available and they have no idea when one will be available.  They refused to simply send out a new box.  I then asked about credits to my account since I'm not receiving what I'm paying for.  I was told there would be no credits to my account because the internet was working fine.  Despite the fact that I have many peripherals that are not working because the box is only working at 50% capacity.  I was then told If I didn't like it, I could cancel the service.  Easy enough?

Remember that NFL ticket package they were giving away with sign up?   Well, if I cancel the internet service due to defective products,  poor customer service, and Verizon refusing to be financially accountable for providing 50% service, I have to pay the $400 for the You Tube NFL ticket.   Talk about a Catch 22 !! 

Maybe someone with Verizon will read this and step up?   

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Customer Service Rep

We are truly sorry to read about your recent customer service experience. Our goal is to always provide a world-class interaction. 


When dealing with technical problems do not forget that we offer troubleshooting tools such as our Troubleshooting Assistant: https://www.verizon.com/support/devices/.


We sent you a Private Note, please review at your earliest convenience.