Problem connecting Daikin thermostat with Verizon Internet Gateway
Enthusiast - Level 1

I recently installed a Verizon Internet Gateway router.  I have two Daikin One wifi thermostats in the home.  The more distant of the two, "Bedroom" (circa 25 feet from router), will not continuously maintain a connection with the router, even though the router SSID detected at the thermostat indicates maximum strength signal.  The router is functioning on both 2.4G and 5G.  The Daikin thermostats function only on 2.4G, so I created a 2.4G only Guest account with separate SSID and PW for the Bedroom thermo.  This did not solve the problem.  It will log on but then drop connection hours later and only sometimes reconnect.  Restarting the thermo and rebooting the router did not solve the problem.  As many as 12 other devices (TVs, iPhones, range extender, etc.) including the second Daikin thermo, all function with no problems.   Any ideas on a solution would be welcome.