Returned Verizon Wireless 5G Gateway - VZ Support READ THIS
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I have finally decided to disconnect and return my VZW 5G Home Gateway (Askey NCQ1338). Long story short, the service is not working as it’s being marketed. 

  • Constant internet disconnects due to IP Gateway renewal.
  • Disconnects multiple times per day.
  • Gateway and LED indicator say “connected” and all wifi devices are still wirelessly connected, but no internet access passes through.
  • This is a consistent issue whether using the VZW gateway “as is” (wifi or Ethernet), or IP pass through, or network setup (such as a mesh system) in bridge mode.
  • I have tried multiple scenarios such as connecting all my devices, to slimming it down to a select few, to just one device. I’ve also changed the SSID and password, and also using the gateways designated SSID and password - the constant disconnects still happened.
  • I’ve logged NRB ticket {edited for privacy} on 5/15/22 to only have the network team say there is nothing wrong, and that it is a device issue.
  • A CLNR device was sent to me, and received on 5/25. Constant disconnects still appeared from that date until today 5/31.

Verizon, this is a problem. The most recent firmware on the device 220745 has not fixed the issues that are listed in on the update page. This is either a firmware issue with the device, a network issue where it’s not staying connected to the cellular node, or both.

This should not be happening. I know I’m not the only customer having this problem and going through this hassle. You have network engineers and device testing engineers who work on these issues. Bring them together and figure this out. I want answers to these issues. It’s not worth the hassle in having multiple devices returned just to to have them be CLNR’s in a warehouse.