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We were lied by the sales representative in Chapel Hill, NC, who knocked on our door on April 29, 2023, and started convincing us with aggressive marketing to switch from our current home internet provider. Sales rep was told that we were not interested in changing internet provider, as we are happy with the $35 bill, and services of the current provider. Then, Sales Rep lied that she can offer us a lower internet bill than we have, forgetting to mention that it would be a government federal aid program that we would need to apply separately, but was not a Verizon promotional offer. When I spoke on the phone with Verizon customer service representative which the Sales Rep call to set up my account, I have also mentioned that we agreed to switch to Verizon only on conditions of $0 Verizon bill, as was promised by the Sales Rep. However, only after I signed the agreement, which the Sales Rep did not even let me read (as she said that we already went through all the terms), only after finalizing all the paperwork, the Sales Rep told that I would need to apply for a $0 internet separately on the government website. We received $60 bill from Verizon, which contradicted initial $0 promised by the Sales Rep.

These are unethical marketing practices, where the customer is tricked into signing the agreement by providing false price offer. This situation violates customer rights.

Moreover, when I realized that I was lied by the Sales Rep, and was trying to cancel the order #, I was having troubles to cancel it, and was transferred from between customer service representatives 4 times. While my cancellation policy stated that I have right to cancel my order during 3 business days, I was unable to get confirmation that my order would be cancelled. I was told that the ticket # was opened, and I would need to call back in a few days to check on it. So, in addition to being unethically tricked into signing the agreement with Verizon, my right to cancel the order in timely manner was taken from me. 

These are wrong, anti customer practices that would bring Verizon only issues and poor reputation, but no new customers.  


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