Sent to Collections After Verizon Said They Would Credit Account
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I have read several threads with same issue, wonder why Verizon not taking care of this frequently occuring problem. However here is what has happened to me:

I have closed my Verison Home Internet Gateway account in October 2022 and as per the procedure requested the return boxes along with the returned labels. I packed the items, and have been waiting for the shipping supplies for 6 months,,along with numerous (over 10) calls to service to resolve this issue.. Then I got my final bill which I paid on time and everything was all set.

Now after 6 months i was just checking my old account and saw a bill of $281.79 I was amazed to see this because I always paid my bills on time and also was not on a Contract. So I called Verizon, asked for the Bill, the Rep told me that this amount is for Equipment not returned. I stated her that I have been attempting to  send back the items for months  and then Rep said that this happens and we will clear your amount soon. I thought this is all set now.

Still no return supplies and  in April 2023, I got call from a collection company "MRS BPO" that I now owe that $301.00 to Verizon. I talked to that collection company and they said that I should send them email with all my details. They informed me they will get with Verizon to “update” the account but it would take weeks or months to remove from my credit report.

I’m further talking with Verizon, it was then suggested that I take the device to a corporate store to return.

Now the store, who has no policies or procedures for product return is telling me they can give me a shipping label and I can go drop the device myself.

Alternatively, they’ve offered to take the device and ship it for me, but say they have no access to my accounts and cannot resolve the outstanding balance.

In April 2023, I was devastated to see my Credit Score dropped by 100+ Points. I checked detailed report and found that Verizon has reported my account as unpaid which has caused this. Now I am calling Verizon every week and getting same reponse that they are processing an Adjusment to my account and I don't have to Pay anything. Even a collection office also have talked to me and said that they are going to pull the unpaid info from Credit Bureaus.

My issue is still open, I just checked today again. My balance is still not cleared and unpaid amount has also not removed from my credit history.

I am concerned that taking the day off of work and after 3 hours on the phone today, that this issue will not be resolved.

In all this, there is no mistake from my side. I request this forum community to guide me.  Because I now have to find a place to live, but with this Credit Score no one is going to give me a good deal, or let me lease a place to live or obtain a home loan.

Any Suggestion will be appreciated.

At the moment I am on hold (for a 3rd time) in the parking lot of the Verizon corporate store, next to a highway. I have been actively working on this issue non-stop for 6 hours today.

The phone number of the device has been reassigned to a government employee and now it take 15 - to 20 mins to simply do account verification.

Only to be told no one can help.


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Customer Service Rep

Hello, GP2023. Thank you for reaching out to us. The best option is to get access to your account, this way I can check your account and take a look at the notes, get the shipping label to your address, get the gate way in the warehouse, and then we can check about the credit. I will send you a private note, this way we can further assist you and provide you the best possible solution.



I am having this same issue. Could you help me?