Trying to find ISP dsl password, verizon support isn't helping
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I am trying to setup a new DSL modem, the NETGEAR DM200. For the setup, it says "The NETGEAR installation assistant might prompt you to enter your ISP login information. The ISP login is not the same as the DSL modem login. If you do not know your ISP login information, contact your ISP to obtain this information prior to beginning the DSL modem setup process. I have asked verizon support for this information, but they kept giving me information that i already knew, such as the web address to access my already installed router. What question should i ask verizon support to get the information i need?

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savaasio, we definitely want to make sure that you're in total control of your modem, and are sorry to hear about the login trouble you're experiencing. To clarify, is this for Verizon Fios service? Where was the new modem purchased?